As several others have already noted, after almost 12 years, Scienceblogs is shutting down at month's end. Though I've done most of my writing elsewhere over the last few years, I'd certainly like to keep the archives of this blog up somewhere, and maintain it as a place to post random musings that don't fit anywhere else. But admittedly, the primary thing that has kept me here has been inertia--moving is just so hard, y'all. So throwing this out there to anyone who would like to assist in a move. I have a domain and so can set up another Wordpress blog elsewhere and export/import the contents, but when Scienceblogs initially moved to Wordpress it was...not smooth, and that was with a professional. Which I am not, at least in this area. If anyone with experience wants to help me out (yes, paid), please leave a comment or drop me a line.

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Hi, Tara. I just found your blog and found it super interesting. Is a shame the site is shutting down. But maybe I can help you a little. You are considering moving to WordPress but I have a complementary or alternative proposal.

There's a new site -1-year-old- called Is a type of blockchain project where authors get rewarded in cryptocurrencies for their contributions. The site has a native currency that can be exchanged quickly for bitcoin and the community is growing fast.

Beyond the pay, blockchains have the advantage of not being modifiable and for as long as the blockchain lives your articles will live.

Finding good authors is always a treat as plagiarism is rampant due to the pay, we want as many good people as we can get. So I offer my help to transfer your content to either site or both.

In the site my username is @ertwro
Contact me if you are interested. bye.

By Juan Silva (not verified) on 22 Oct 2017 #permalink

Hello dear Dr Smith,

I was alerted by Narad (frequent commenter on Respectful Insolence) that you needed help.

I am helping Orac currently and can assist other bloggers to move out from SB (you and everyone else here). My email address is included in that post. You are very welcome to email me and I will answer all your question.


I can try to help.
No pay necessary if I will still be able to send someone to "An open letter to my dad on the occasion of his recent anti-vax Facebook postings"

By Dumitru Ciobarcianu (not verified) on 30 Oct 2017 #permalink