Student guest posts--summer course

Years like this are rough on blogging. As previously noted, I teach an every-other-year spring course on infection and chronic disease. Well, every summer I also teach an intensive course (basically a semester crammed into a week) on the topic of applied infectious disease epidemiology: taking what's known about ID epi and learning how to actually "do" it. For this course, which this year was exclusively taken by either DVM students or practicing veterinarians training for their MPH degree, their final assignment is a writing assignment. It's pretty wide open: they can write about any area of infectious disease epidemiology that interests them, but the posts are supposed to be written for a layman audience. The first of 10 will be up shortly. As always, please keep in mind that these are the students' posts, and that they're learning, so feel free to post questions/comments but be respectful.

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