We must be careful not to actually convey the ozone reality.

EHP has a small report on EPA's troubled ozone standard that's worth a look, especially if you don't know much about the issue. What strikes me is how there is such resistance from regulators to setting a decent standard because it would put too many counties into non-compliance. It's almost as if there's this idea that, 'well, we can't say that they whole nation has unhealthy air. It's like saying the country is bad'. Of course, that's the breathing state we're in. In reality it's much more admirable to own up to the problem then go about fixing it. Not only admirable but, in this case, the only fight you can win. The fact that a county can say it's in compliance really doesn't take away from the shame of kids and older people unable to go outside on hot summer days due to unhealthy air. Maybe someone should let Administrator Johnson know that it's probably pretty easy to make a case that people have a right to work and play outside without risking a trip to the ER.

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i know you are an avid reader of tox sci, so I wondered why you hadn't mentioned this article ?
Rochelle W. Tyl, et al.,
Two-Generation Reproductive Toxicity Study of Dietary Bisphenol A in CD-1 (Swiss) Mice
ToxSci Advance Access published on April 29, 2008
Toxicol. Sci. 2008 104: 362-384; doi:10.1093/toxsci/kfn084