Do fish stir the ocean?

This looks interesting:

Jean-Luc Thiffeault
Mathematics Department, University of Wisconsin - Madison

"Do fish stir the ocean?"

As fish or other bodies move through a fluid, they stir their surroundings. This can be beneficial to some fish, since the plankton they eat depends on a well-stirred medium to feed on nutrients. Bacterial colonies also stir their environment, and this is even more crucial for them since at small scales there is no turbulence to help mixing. It has even been suggested that the total biomass in the ocean makes a significant contribution to large-scale vertical transport, but this is still a contentious issue. We propose a simple model of the stirring action of moving bodies through both inviscid and viscous fluids. In the dilute limit, this model can be solved using Einstein and Taylor's formula for diffusion (Brownian motion).

This is joint work with Steve Childress.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010
2:45-3:45 PM
Room 214 Mudd
Columbia University, New York

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if it turn out they do stir the ocean, i am going to start selling homeopathic fish poo. ought to cure the bends.