What happens when you discover that the manuscript that you've downloaded has a cutout as a supplemental figure?

You take out your scissors and start cutting.


(A photo of baymate working on supplemental figure 12 of Ward et al., PNAS 2007.)

To be honest, we didn't know what to make of the final arts & crafts product, a floppy ABC transporter that can be shifted into various conformations, each of which is suppose to represent a different nucleotide-bound state.

(You'll also note that this paper was resubmitted due to an infamous error.)

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I've seen papers written in verse and set to music, but never a cut-out figure. It's sorta old-school but new-school, and a little bit of grade school.

Love it. Great pic too.

hilarious. baymate is doing awesome ;-)

look at that face... so full of hope and shiny joy at what might have been. what's missing is my 'after' face showing my grievous disappointment. boo to gimmicky cut-outs. boo.

Love it. Great pic too.

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