Vegan Ghouls

PETA is continuing their ever-successful quest to prove that mind-numbing insensitivity and flaming stupidity are not restricted to any particular portion of the political spectrum. This time, they're using the murder of Dr. George Tiller as the hook for a new set of pro-Vegetarian billboards in Wichita.

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Some little kid in Wichita is going to get the wrong idea from those billboards and start thinking being a vegetarian means eating baby chickens.

By ABradford (not verified) on 03 Jun 2009 #permalink

I was going to say that this is a new low for PeTA, but now that i think about their campaigns over the past few years I think it's probably not...which says a lot about PeTA.

Man, that was fast. Did PETA have it in the can ready to go? Even more ghoulish.