Making up for lost time


Chris Smith and Todd Redmond of Crowboy recently asked to use my painting Fly Away Home as the cover of their new alt-country album, Making Up for Lost Time.

This painting was inspired by a rusty aqua trailer that my dad bought and refurbished twenty years ago for use as a family vacation cabin in Idaho. My dad passed away in 2003, but I think he would have enjoyed Crowboy's music, so I was happy to give Chris and Todd temporary custody. They're both visual artists as well, and I think they did a lovely job putting their album together.

To celebrate the release of Making Up For Lost Time, I'm giving away a free copy of the cd - just drop me an email by May 29 if you're interested and I'll pick someone randomly. (There's no need to include your personal information in the email; I'll contact the recipient to obtain his/her preferred mailing address.)

My only request is that you first go check out Crowboy on MySpace or CDBaby and verify that they are indeed your cup of tea - music is meant to be listened to, and I'd like the cd to go to someone who will enjoy listening to it. (You can also download the album on iTunes).

Congratulations, Todd and Chris!

PS. This painting has gotten around: it also appeared in Gary Lippincott's Fantasy Illustrator's Technique Book.

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Wow, congrats on the.... what do y'all artists call that? A pub? A sale? anyway, love the image...