Madonna and Horsefly


Madonna and Horsefly
John Brophy, 2008

Pam over at Phantasmaphile never fails to discover wonderful, quirky new art. Her latest find: John Brophy. His "Madonna and Horsefly" kind of freaks me out, not in a bad way, but because I've been planning some paintings along this exact theme! But Brophy's are better than mine would have been, so it's just as well. (But darn it all anyway! This is why I need to paint ideas, and not just sit on them indefinitely.)


Princess Minky Momo

John Brophy, 2007

Like Madeline von Foerster and Cristina Vergano, Brophy is clearly influenced by the old Dutch masters. But given his pop surrealist vibe, it's no surprise he's represented by Seattle gallery Roq la Rue, a perennial favorite of mine. Unfortunately they don't seem to have any of his art at the moment.

At any rate, what the apparently symbol-laden spider painting above has to do with Princess Minky Momo, I have no idea. . . if anyone can enlighten me, please post a comment.

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