Inauguration Day Photo Gallery


This morning we and thousands of others watched the Inauguration on a Jumbotron from the lawn in front of the Lincoln Memorial. We didn't have tickets to get into the area in front of the Capitol, but that worked out fairly well, as we didn't have to wait in long security lines in the freezing wind! The Lincoln Memorial is just over two miles from my home, there were no lines there, and it seemed like the appropriate place to watch, listen, and celebrate on this historic morning.

More photos of our journey through NW DC after the fold...


The crowds walking at 9:30 am at Pennsylvania and H, still a half mile from the Mall.


A store window featuring some Obama dolls. I find these rather frightening.


The National Guard's security ring around downtown DC.


Crowds streaming eastward along the reflecting pool, around 10am.


We arrive at the Lincoln Memorial!

The crowd watches the Jumbotron.

Coffee afterward (at a bustling Caribou Coffee). (Yes, I sent this to the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks.)


One of many welcome signs throughout DC. (The small sign invites locals to the "falafel ball.")


It's been a long, late weekend in Adams Morgan. . .


. . . where DC will be celebrating tonight in its usual way. Sigh. ;)

Happy Inauguration Day!

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Thanks for sharing these! (Tracey and I missed you at the conference this weekend. Hopefully we'll get down to DC soon!)

These are great pictures -- thanks for sharing the experience!

Have to say... it's always a little weird to realize that a blogger you've been reading for a while has a specific, actual, geographic PLACE they are writing from. I just thought Bioephemera came from, you know, the internet.

I'm so jealous! I'm glad you had fun though... I only had two glasses of champagne but I'll admit to not firing on all cylinders by the end of the night...

At least it wasn't 'What kind of "dog" did the Obama family get?', which would have made me concerned over the species of their new pet...