Fata Morgana: Fantasy, Femininity, and Absinthe


Rene Lynch

I was very happy to hear that Pam of Phantasmaphile is curating her first group show, entitled "Fata Morgana: The New Female Fantasists." It starts later this week at Dabora Gallery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Pam has amazing taste in art, and she's enticed Madeline von Foerster, Amy Ross, Carrie Ann Baade, and eleven more artists to share their visions:

In literal terms, a fata morgana is a mirage or illusion, a waking reverie, a
shimmering of the mind. Named for the enchantress Morgan le Fay, these tricks
of perception conjure up a sense of glimpsing into another world, whether it
be the expanses of an ethereal terrain, or the twilit depths of the psyche.
The artists of "Fata Morgana: The New Female Fantasists" deftly utilize the
semiotics of mysticism, fantasy, and the subconscious in
their work, thereby guiding the viewer through heretofore uncharted
realms - alternately shadowy or luminous, but always inventive.

The show will open with a party on Saturday, March 14th from 8-11pm, complete with complimentary absinthe. Yeah, you heard me. I'd sure as heck be there if I were in NYC!

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Absinthe or no, sounds absolutely wonderful. I really like fantastical themed work that isn't cliche (which is not to say I am not fond of dragons and the scantily clad - just not on my walls).

I should also mention that I really like your work too...

I just got invited to a totally unrelated shinding in New York for Singing Saw players, and now I hear about this?

God I love the west coast... but I long for the day when teleporters become possible and practical.