Seeing Antlers, Feeling Dendrites


As of today, SEED has a new look and a new occasional writer. . . me! ;)

See my little essay on Christopher Reiger's Synesthesia #1 here, on the culture page. Then go explore the rest of the site. . . the new design is pretty sweet. They even have a SCIART tag for pieces like mine.

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If you read my February piece for the SEED website on art, science, and synesthesia, you'll remember Christopher Reiger's intriguingly ambiguous painting Synesthesia #1. I'm very pleased to report that it is now available as a limited edition print. I'd also like to call attention to Christopher's…
Everything is ephemeral - including bioephemera. As of today, May 31, I'm going on hiatus for at least this summer - and probably longer. While I've met many wonderful fellow bloggers and faithful readers through the blog, keeping BioE going has become a significant investment of time that I just…
The October issue of Popular Science has several excellent articles about the mind. My favorite is a collection of five explanations of unusual or creepy sensations that are caused by neurological glitches. Reporter Veronique Greenwood included short summaries of academic research about each of…
Dymaxion SkeletonMatthew Day Jackson, 2008 I had a pleasant surprise at our Apple blogging panel last week, when my friend Christopher Reiger of Hungry Hyaena dropped by. He's posted a thoughtful response to some issues we touched on very lightly in the panel. Like Brian and I, Christopher was a…

Congratulations to you and Hooray for me! I had let my subscription run out through disorganization and neglect last year and just renewed. I'm so excited. :)

Congrats! Art is often only as good as what can be brought to it and you bring an enlightening insight to that piece. At first glance, I thought those were tree roots!

By Joe Leasure (not verified) on 12 Mar 2009 #permalink

Excellent article. Congratulations on the gig.

I hadn't realized until I read it that I do actually experience something the way a synesthete would. To me, writing is all laid out in two- or three-dimensional space. I don't really think through the connections that are made or the bits that are missing as much as I see and feel them in some imaginary space. Very handy for editing.

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