One week to my Pride and Prejudice and Zombies review!


Mrs. Bennett
circa 1818-1821
Wellcome Library

While browsing Morbid Anatomy recently I did a double take: is that the hypochondriac matriarch of Pride and Prejudice, only zombified? No, Lizzy's mother has not succumbed to the unmentionable scourge - yet. This Mrs. Bennett is a coincidentally named Georgian lady who suffered from an unnamed skin ailment, from which she fortunately makes a full recovery. You'll have to wait until my April 1 review of P&P&Z to discover if the Bennets of Longbourne are so lucky!

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You may have blogged this previously, but just in case, there's also John Kessel's Nebula-award-nominated novella, Pride and Prometheus (free-and-legal PDF download). While staying in London, Mary Bennett meets a young Swiss gentleman named Henry Clerval. But it's not M. Clerval who catches her eye, it's his moody, brooding traveling companion, Victor. And it appears that Miss Bennett is not the only one interested in spending some quality time with Victor, for there are reports of a giant seen lurking in churchyards....