PeepEphemera 2009: NightPeeps!


Melissa Harvey (after Edward Hopper)

It's that time of year again! As I roasted blue Easter Peeps over the gas stove yesterday, I eagerly awaited this year's collection of Peep dioramas from the Washington Post - and here they are! View the complete Peeps Show here.

Be sure to check out "Double Peep Strike" (Miracle on the Hudson), Bernard Peepoff, and the Trek Peeps of Stardate 2351.6. Many dioramas play on DC themes: "Peep to the Right" refers to clueless tourists who stand on the left side of Metro escalators, blocking those of us who use public transit to get to work; "Georgetown Peepcake" is a shoutout to the latest (and arguably best) cupcake shop in a town full of cupcake shops; and "Purple Tunnel of Death" refers to the Inauguration debacle, in which ticketholders got stuck in lines and never made it onto the Mall.

Still, my favorite Peep diorama of all time has to be Peep Julius II Questions Michelangelo's Artistic Judgment, from last year's Peep Show, as seen at Artomatic. Enjoy!

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Duh. I didn't even get the "Hopper" pun until I watched the slide show of this one. I totally forgot to get peeps this year too!!!

By Joe Leasure (not verified) on 13 Apr 2009 #permalink