Industrial Memories


Los Angeles Electric Isle
Brooks Salzwedel

Brooks Salzwedel's solo show opened May 16 at the Tinlark Gallery.

The artist works in layers of graphite and translucent resin, which create an especially nice effect in vintage tins. Imagine if you picked up a rusty old tin on an abandoned worksite or in an old mining town, opened it, and found someone's half-remembered memory inside - gradually accreted there like candle wax. Salzwedel's work is a little like that.


Little Anacin Tin
Brooks Salzwedel


High Forest Tin
Brooks Salzwedel


Broken Wires
Brooks Salzwedel


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love love love them

Cool. And very "you."

Oh my, these are absolutely beautiful, ethereal and evocative. They remind me of dreams I used to have where I would hold a picture in my hands and it would move/animate, like watching a movie.

This is great!

By Bearded Dave (not verified) on 05 Jun 2009 #permalink