TGIF: Annals of Gullibility

If I weren't so darn busy, I'd be tempted to read this book:


As you can tell from the photo, I've been spending a lot of time in the library. Sorry for the low post volume - I have quite a bit to write about the Harvard Lab opening and other things, and hope to get back on the blog in a few days. Have a great weekend!

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Jessica - You have no one to apologize to but to yourself for working yourself so hard! Blog when you can. We'll wait!

I was really surprised when I found out that Wikipedia has no entry for gullibility.

Annals of Gullibility (I want to read it too!) filed next to Well-Being.

Believe everything you are told. You will feel much better!

Best of luck getting done what needs to get done. I'm looking forward to future posts.