Kickstarting the Word Project: Help give obscure words a book of their own


Polly Law's Word Project is a series of mixed-media illustrations representing obscure words like dasypygal and nidifice. Though Law has exhibited her work in galleries, she hasn't found a backer to publish them as a book. . . yet. So she's seeking help at the entrepreneurial startup

The Word Project book will be a soft cover, 10"x10". Each piece will get its own spread accompanied by its meaning, pronunciation & an example of use. Since 2002 I have been raiding the attics, basements and dusty cupboards of the English language in search of intriguing, odd & obscure words for my Word Project. I've been encouraged to publish my work, and it has made the rounds to a number of publishing house and while recognized for its merits, no investment was made. I'd like to change all of that with your help.

If you pledge as little as $5 in the next few days to help fund the Word Project Book, you'll receive a reward - a poster, copies of the book, or even original artwork. Check it out at the link below - and best of luck to Polly Law. She's already got the minimum she need to fund the book, so we look forward to seeing it soon!

Publishing the Word Project

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This is fantastic! I'm really quite sad that I didn't come up with this idea myself :P Will definitely be buying the book when it comes out--here's hoping it inspires a new generation of logophiles! Thanks for the link!