Two BioE originals for sale

i-8cc14ffeeba37f0ac95cc06030faa589-Spring - Bee and Echinacea.jpeg

I wanted to let you all know that I've put two framed original watercolor paintings up for sale on etsy: "Bee and Echinacea" (sold) and "The Cicada" (still available).

i-1eae4a02d297418f1ad58d4971eaa3c3-Fall - The Cicada.jpeg

These are likely to be the only original paintings I'll have for sale for some time to come, so if you want a BioE original this is your chance. :)

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The Cicada, I wants it. I hope I get my tax refund before someone else snatches it up.

By Tlazolteotl (not verified) on 30 Apr 2010 #permalink

Do you have any more bees on flowers? Even the background is luscious and mesmerizing, and the detail, color of echinacea and bee are spectacular. If this were an online auction, I'd double the going price! (the detail and transparent wings are great, but...well...a little to bug centric for my decor :) The first one, many pleasant places to get lost..

Thanks, Yenelli! Unfortunately I don't have any more paintings like that - I haven't had time to paint in a while. And yes, the cicada is definitely an acquired taste. :) I enjoy painting insects tremendously - the various textures are such a challenge - and since I paint primarily for meditative/relaxing purposes, I'm not thinking about saleability or decor when I pick my subjects. (In this case, I had a beautiful cicada that I collected from outside my bedroom, and painted it from life, using a microscope, rather than a photo. It was quite challenging - when I have a minute i'll post about the process.)