Nazi Tentacles: The octopus as visual metaphor


I recently stumbled across an interesting post (don't ask how I got there; how do you ever end up anywhere on the Web?) about how the octopus has been used as a propaganda symbol, from WW2 to Big Oil, to represent the terrifying Other. Fascinating stuff - read more here for starters, and here is an entire blog on the topic.


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Prediction: PZ's gonna have an egg case over the misuse of his beloved cephalopods :-P

See, I don't think most people appreciate that the octopus doesn't represent PZ - he IS an octopus. Wearing a college professor suit. It's how he blogs so much - eight tentacles... ;)

How bizarre. There seems to be a trend in some photography with models wearing dead octopi (and various meats). Not sure what that means really.

By Joe Leasure (not verified) on 01 Jun 2010 #permalink