ScienceBlogGRRRRL Power!


I'm honored to get a brief shout-out today from the awesome Ed Yong in his post on female bloggers. I mention this not to toot my own horn, but to call attention to the amazing number of women blogging about scientific research - something I rarely do anymore at BioE, but which is very important to public science literacy, science policy, and inspiring young women to choose careers in science.

Many of the women Ed mentions are already on my blogroll (Sheril Kirshenbaum, Jennifer Ouellette, Scicurious, Janet Stemwedel, to name a few), but I clearly have to add more - including my friend Hillary, who just started blogging a few weeks ago. Kudos to all of them for making the time to write about science for a wider audience - and to be role models for the next generation of female scientists, science writers, and science-savvy citizens.

Vintage image credit: Anthony Catalano/Whiskeygonebad, 1976. Via flickr; some rights reserved. (Notes the photographer, "It was something about a blond and a microscope: I was a nerd - not that I'm not now.")

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