Video Book Reviews! Bad Science, and Lies, Damned Lies and Science

Joanne Manaster reviews two books about distinguishing science fact from science fiction in our everyday lives: Bad Science, by Ben Goldacre, and Lies, Damned Lies and Science, by Sherry Seethaler.

For more of Joanne's video reviews, see her web page, Joanne Loves Science, or her science reviews YouTube channel.

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For more video book reviews by Joanne Manaster, see her page on YouTube.

Good for your 1-year-old, not so much. Technically, that's still a matter of opinion, sort of: studies on television watching in infancy have been mostly limited to retrospective analyses. With these kinds of studies, we can make plenty of associations between watching TV and delayed development, but we can't prove a causative relationship between the two.

Thanks to all for the kind words, and for reading.

Shinga, I'll put in a second plug for the post you've linked to. It probably belongs in GR itself in the sense that it highlights the limitations of data gathering and analysis as we know it and makes some not-unreasonable speculation about the direction of clinical trials from here on out.