Introducing... Curatr!

Not good at organizing your thoughts, much less your research notes? Think publishing your data should be as easy as falling off the couch?

Yes, well, me too. So I've built a new site to do it all for you, and I'm calling it Curatr.

  • Built on all the shiniest and most proprietary technologies, from HyperCard to Flash
  • Automatically builds the most appropriate storage and interaction models based on computerized analysis of provided data. No documentation needed!
  • Auto-organizing. Never touch metadata again!
  • Can be managed by a single graduate student in two hours a week without any prior training
  • Wholly grant-funded, so you never have to worry about cost or sustainability
  • Never needs updating. Curatr does all the pesky link-breaking for you, as its underlying technology stack migrates to keep up with the times.

Join the Curatr perpetual beta today!


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