Quark Park, I hardly knew thee.

Deep in my heart, I knew you'd leave. They said you'd never stay. But I couldn't come to grips with it. I convinced myself that you'd be with us forever. The mournful winds across the sere landscape of downtown Princeton say otherwise.

Like Writer's Block before it (see Tasha O'Neil's Photography for an excellent set of Writer's Block photos), Quark Park was intended as a temporary installation. The bare lot behind the sign is the future site of a condominium complex in bustling downtown Princeton.

From May 4, 2007:

Contrast this to the September 2006 scene...


My tart little review and a set of photos of the now defunct Quark Park installation may be found here, re: "Quark-y Park."

Paul Sigmund's garden folly from the Writer's Block installation wound up in a local park. There's no word on where the Freeman Dyson/Rush Holt rampant red hunk o' steel or the plasmatic pink bagel with the corkscrew juniper went.

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