Letters from the Front: A Visit to the Creation Museum

Correspondent SDC, reporting in from the Land o' Hoosiers, offers an awe-inspiring account of a recent visit to the famous Creation Museum, located "just seven miles west of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport."

A teaser follows. The rest of the article (including photos), copiously dusted with SDC's dry sardonic humor, may be found here: Elitist Liberals Visit The Creation Museum.

I am not particularly unusual in wanting to be there when history is unfolding. Last month I was excited about playing a tiny, tiny role in Obama's victory over John McCain. A few weeks ago, I went to the Creation Museum with my wife, two friends, and 3 of the friends' kids: one a junior in high school, another a seventh grader, the other ten years old. A bunch of smirky liberal-types making a trip to mock the Creation Museum was definitely not an historic event, but it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, we can look on the existence of such an embarassing abomination in our nation as a 'high water mark' for the fundies' efforts to take over the show. Yeah, high water mark, Noah, ha ha.

I may be completely wrong about that. I hope not. What I do know is we wanted to see this thing for ourselves, and since it is merely a few hours away, it was no big problem to fit a visit into a Saturday. The museum is located near where Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky meet, and Kentucky was the big loser here, as it is located within that state. There's some question as to whether the locals are happy about it, as evidenced by the bullet holes in a sign near the Museum (see above. Notice the Stop sign is unscathed).

Our first impressions: it is a rather large building, and the grounds with the topiary christmas-light adorned dinosaurs are extensive. The parking lot was maybe half-full. There were security guys out front directing traffic, assisted by their bloodhound. A couple times during the day we saw security running through the museum, but I have no idea why. It was spooky and vaguely totalitarian.

SDC's blog, Words of Advice for Young People, is linked in the side bar but bears repeating here.

Many raucous panthoots and multiple long, languorous grooming sessions go to mistaSteve for pimping himself out.

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I actually think the creation museum is a good thing.
Anyone with the slightest interest in biology knows that the creation museum presents an absolutely ludicrous view of natural history. When you have a view of dinosaurs similar to those in Jurassic Park the Creation museums interpretations can only be seen as hilariously incorrect. Whats more, this incredible pageant of stupidity has been financed by the creationists themselves!

"....but again, this is not your typical museum, it is like a museum but without any of the science."


By Suesquatch (not verified) on 27 Dec 2008 #permalink