The Chimp Refuge Comes OUT.

A new addition can be found in the sidebar. Yes, the Chimp Refuge has joined the OUT Campaign bandwagon. Click on the Scarlet Letter of Atheism, and you will be taken to the site for the campaign which includes a link to Richard Dawkins' introduction to the initiative.

Since it's a Saturday, and I'm in a frivolous frame of mind, I'll post some atheist-friendly graphics below the fold. They may be already known to many but there's nothing as comforting as friendly familiar faces. Pull up a chair, have a cup of coffee (the Official Beverage of the Devil and Atheists) and have a look.

(Hat tip to to Rhapsody who sent the following flowcharts to me; these were found on a Dutch blog, but the creator of the flowcharts wasn't noted in said blog. Rhapsody & I would appreciate that info if available.. Note added in proof: thanks to mg - see Comments - for directing us to the source, the excellent Wellington Grey site, and specifically here.



And from the OBJECTIVE: Ministries, the place where I get religion, praise the lard!

i-4494af26c821312555834d39227fbf22-Mr. Gruff.jpg

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The City Pages, the arts and entertainment newsweekly in Minneapolis, had an article on the best artists of the year. One of the entries is jarring in its strange conclusions, the award to Christopher Hitchens: Fueled by cigarettes, alcohol, ego, and, most importantly, intellect, Hitchens employs…
I suspect that many reviews of this movie are going to begin with some variant of the sentiment, "I was disappointed." This one is no exception. It's just not a very good movie; it's one that packed in lots of miscellaneous detail from the book it is based on, but thereby threw away the core of the…
Long-time readers know that, last April and May, I invested a decent amount of time in tearing apart a book by conservative punditress S. E. Cupp. Cupp, a self-proclaimed atheist, had written a book defending the religious right, and she titled it Losing Our Religion: The Media's Attack on…
Via Technovelgy - Where Science Meets Fiction, here's an article on a wild display surface upon which small panels move with precision and "ripple," creating strange, almost biologically protoplasmic motion: HypoSurface Walls Are Full of Life. Bill Christensen, the author of the Technovelgy article…

... have a cup of coffee (the Official Beverage of the Devil and Atheists) ...

Er, it's almost midnight here in France. I'm finishing off the ast of tonight's vin. Is that Ok? Or am I forever banned for not wanting to make some café at the moment?

Check out the one on the Objective Ministries kids' page about the 'Creation Scientist'.

I cringed at the thought that innocent kids are being fed this bullshit.

blf, within minutes, I will be indulging in a glass of red wine so yes, vin will do in a pinch for any red-blooded (and lettered) atheist.

Shalini - Psssssst...OBJECTIVE: Ministries is a parody site, and a rather fine one at that. My teenaged atheist daughter is clamoring for some Ruby lingerie. ;^)

Shalini, don't be too worried about Objective Ministries. It's just a really REALLY well done satire. (And don't feel too bad about having been fooled. It took me a while to figure it out, too!)

fuzz - Landovers' panties are cheeky, but how can one beat "Will you be my husband?" The USE Prison with its footnote of SIBS is suspicious and makes my Reverent Antennae of Piety go up.

Doc I a so glad you get yor religion from the one TRUE site Objective ministeries. Their work on the heresy of Triclavianism is particularly illuminating when you finally get the point (or should I say points). And I hope everyone here clicked on the baby jesis page It is so moving.

Praise be to his Cooing Grace!

Rev. Chimp - The Pterosaur Project forms an unholy hybrid of an image with the truly fine SciFi Original, Pterodactyl. The movie featured plenty of gore, so I can only imagine the bloody hijinks that might ensue as the good folks of OBJECTIVE work to establish a pterodactyl rookery.