No Gloopy Pirates Govoreeting Here, O My Droogs!

Once again, my brothers and sisters, it is that grazhny Talk Like a Pirate Day. What hound-and-horny chepooka is this, I ask you? That PZ chelloveck and other SciBling lewdies Corpus Callosum, Grrl Scientist, and Dr. Free-Ride guff away when they slooshy Pirate. I say "Yarbles!" to that. There should be a "Govoreet Like a Droog Day." I think that would be real horrorshow.


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With drencrom, synthmesc or straight-up?

I'd link in a photo of the dispensers, but, well, you know...

But then you'd have to spend the whole day listening to pedants telling you that the imperative of "govoreet" is "govori"

At least with pirates, you can have your own private sub-pirate-culture. While those Merkuns are spouting Johnny Depp quotes, you can go around saying "'Od's Bodkins!"

By Ian Kemmish (not verified) on 19 Sep 2007 #permalink