The Sudan Teddy Bear Flap

A new Pat Condell video regarding the "inappropriately named teddy bear" fiasco in the Sudan. As usual, it's vintage Condell:

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Pat Condell answers some critics in the atheist community regarding so-called "hard line" atheist arguments to believers in the supernatural. It's six and a half minutes well spent:
Clenched fist salute to Pat Condell: Exactly.
I'll be going to the Atheist Alliance International 2010 Copenhagen Convention to listen to a fine group of godless speakers, but there's one who won't be there — there was going to be a surprise speaker, not mentioned for security reasons, and now he has decided it would be too dangerous. The…
Here's a lovely new item from Pat Condell entitled "Hook, Line and Rapture": My favorite bit involves Pat talking to God in a dream about a bible: "I said 'What bible? That's just a blank sheet of paper.' and he said 'Yeah, this is the non-fiction version'".

Pat, come on, don't hold it in, say what you really mean.