Happy Birthday Bill Bruford

Master of the drum kit and poly-rhythmist Bill Bruford celebrates 60 years today. Well known among all manner of percussionists and drummers, Bruford's work spans 40 years from his early days with Yes, his tenure with several incarnations of King Crimson, and his own band, Earthworks, along with work in bands such as National Health, Gong, Genesis, UK, and others. While perhaps best known as "the godfather of progressive rock drumming", Bruford's efforts in the late 1980s to now turned increasingly to small jazz ensembles. Bruford announced that he has retired from public performance in January of this year and has recently published his autobiography (of which I will be posting a review within the week).

More info on Mr. Bruford at www.billbruford.com

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I have a pretty high opinion of Mr. Bruford as he appears on three albums that appear in my top 20 of all time:

Close to the Edge (Yes)
Red (King Crimson)
Larks' Tongues in Aspic (King Crimson)

I look forward to your review of his autobiography.

By Lofcaudio (not verified) on 18 May 2009 #permalink