"What a waste of an Enlightenment"

Pat Condell answers some critics in the atheist community regarding so-called "hard line" atheist arguments to believers in the supernatural. It's six and a half minutes well spent:

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A new Pat Condell video regarding the "inappropriately named teddy bear" fiasco in the Sudan. As usual, it's vintage Condell:
Here's a lovely new item from Pat Condell entitled "Hook, Line and Rapture": My favorite bit involves Pat talking to God in a dream about a bible: "I said 'What bible? That's just a blank sheet of paper.' and he said 'Yeah, this is the non-fiction version'".
This apologist for religion, James Scofield, has written a bizarre essay titled 5 Myths Atheists Believe about Religion. It's a peculiar screed that assumes atheists are somehow aliens outside religious culture, looking in uncomprehendingly, needing some kind of correction in our perceptions — more…
I don't know about this. All this concentrated wit and venom in one place could be dangerous … and three straight hours of Pat Condell? Whew. Get copies for your local ministers, and either they'll die of fuming apoplexy or they'll give extremely animated and entertaining sermons the next Sunday.…

Yeah, somebody from the culture which turned "glass" into a verb and sporting events as an reason to riot is talking sh*t about some post-colonial third world riots.