Discovery Institute "Destroyed!"

Luskin's latest "overrun" by angry "dinosaurs."*


* Refresh (within the link) by clicking "Go" in top menu bar. Select the web site of your choice for mayhem and destruction here.

ETA: This comes with sound effects! Be sure to turn on the volume your computer's speakers. Up to 11.


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That's so awesome.

Try: Acid pee + massive + mouse

Also, God Almighty is a nice sort of mouse-based blaster game which is appropriate for that site.

Thank You for destroying The Discovery Institute.

They deserved it. They have been spending Theocrat Howard Ahronson's money for 20 friggin' years, and they couldn't even come up with a couple of sharks with friggin' laser beams.

And everybody deserves a warm meal every now and then.

And everybody deserves a warm meal every now and then.

Especially if that warm meal is a "Casey Luskin Hot Pocket."

There was an "Expelled" ad when I followed the link. Ben Stein stuffed out by a T-Rex, priceless.