Did He Really Say That?

Did Steve Doocy of Fox News really say what I thought he said about Sarah Palin?

Yep. She has "international experience" because Alaska is right up there, you know, next to Russia! Sure. And I must be fluent in French because I don't live that far from Quebec.

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C'est bon d'apprendre que je pourrais dor�navant commenter en fran�ais ici!

(It's nice to learn that I'll be able to comment in French here, from now on.)
[the translation being intended for people don't living near Quebec, or people not living near people that live near Qu�bec]

But you really should do something about UTF-8 ;-)

I must speak Arabic and Spanish since I live in Alhambra (California).

I liked what Jon Stewart said about her closeness to the North Pole giving her so much knowlege about Santa Claus.