iPod iChing -

Stormy, angry friday.
So, we ask the Mighty iPod - anything big going to break in early/mid January?

Whoosh goes the randomizer.

Hm, that was weird, a new random selection flashed up and then popped back to the old list. Then had to re-randomize.
Some major change of plans at the last minute?

  • The Covering: Pabbi, Komdu Heim um Jólin - Kristín Lilliendahl
  • The Crossing: Allegro: Brandenburg Concertos - Bach
  • The Crown: Golden Years - Bowie
  • The Root: Redemption Song - Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • The Past: Ghetto Defendant - Clash
  • The Future: Please Do Not Go - Violent Femmes
  • The Questioner: All The Lazy Dykes - Morrissey
  • The House: Last Night I Dream That Somebody Loved Me - Smiths
  • The Inside: Us and Them - Pink Floyd
  • The Outcome: Ég er Jólasveinn - Alli Rús

Hm, the Covering is the plaintive song of a child asking "Daddy, be home for christmas", singing of the absent father who travels too much for work... ouch.
I detect a theme in the rest of them, but the outcome is "I am a christmas lad", and as we know, they leave by January 6th.

As always, the Key as explained by Sean


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