Glöggt er gests augað

The Aspen Art Museum is doing a series of interdisciplinary lectures, titled "Another Look"

Another Look Lecture: Gabriel Orozco & Cosmology - so this is a thing.

I did one of the lectures. The first one, I gather.
It was quite an interesting experience, for me at least.
Good fun, riffing on the perspective from physics on Orozco's work, which is partially inspired by astronomy and thoughts on cosmology.

MoMA was very helpful in providing a perspective on Orozco's work over the years.
The actual exhibition was very interesting. The central floor display piece was quite startling in person and gave me a new perspective.

Detail from central exhibit piece of Gabriel Orozco's exhibit at the Aspen Art Museum Detail from central exhibit piece of Gabriel Orozco's exhibit at the Aspen Art Museum

The second talk was on Friday:
Another Look: Obituaries & Adam McEwen with Bruce Weber
Wish I could have been there.
No, I really wish I could have been there... :-)

There will be more "Another Look" lectures, I gather.

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