Golf Gear?

John McCain's website is puzzling:

The "Decision Center" shows a four tab banner:

Decision Center General Election Obama & Iraq Golf Gear

It really is a link to on-line sales of "McCain Golf Gear"
It is still there, eight hours after TPM noted it.

Strangely the John McCain Store, linked to from the top bar, does not appear to have the Golf Gear.
Even more interestingly, the style set at the top of McCain's web site is Skins/Black and Skins/Black2.

Source code for the Barack Obama web site is much cleaner, very nicely structured.

h/t deLong

Since I'm there: McCain has "Climate Change" as an Issue, and a short blurb on Space Policy.
Obama has Climate Change under "Energy and the Environment" and Science policy under "Technology" Issues. No Space Policy I can find at the "Issues" level.

Obama has a lot of Issues; McCain's are kinda muddled.


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