thar she blows

Eyjafjallajökull erupted tonight.

Small so far, we'll see how it develops, first eruption in 187 years.

Eruptions tracked the microquaking leading up to the eruption - fascinating and very long comment conversation and liveblogging of the precursors to the eruption. Tremendous use of blogging.

Farms south of the mountain are being evacuated, they'll see what it is like in the morning.
Should be a jökulhlaup underway (glacial flash flood).

Ashplume is headed north, airports are closed.

EUMETSAT images here

PS: according to early sunday morning, the geoscientists driving up to the fissure, got their car stuck in a gully.
The reporters headed up for a look turned back to get help for the geos.

Sun is coming up, webcam shows the eruption, clouds are supposed to clear out later today and they'll see if the fissure has expanded and is running under the ice.
So far a small eruption with small plume.

shift click-drag to magnify image

Aerial surveillance shows ~ 1 km fissure on the north side of the ridge east of the glacier.

Eruption image from

PPS: radio reports the fissure is now ~ 5 km and has extended under the ice,
that would be towards the caldera.
Expect flooding now. Could move this from a small eruption to a medium sized one, if it continues for more than a few days.

Icelandic geologist now openly discussing the concern that these eruption are correlated with or may even be triggers for Katla, the rather larger and meaner volcano next door.

Eruptions has mo' better pics and videos

Good photo blog showing where the eruption is here

PPS: YouTube vids


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