Continuing Conversation

Blows against supersymmetry and facebook.

Matthew Bailes continues ruminations at the Conversation - the general riff is on crowd sourcing and distributed computing, with a bit of bragging on The Beast they got down under.
Ok, I'm, just jealous.

I had not heard of Diaspora - be interesting to see if it can crowd out fb or other commercial social networks.

The Raspberry Pi I had indeed heard of, and will be acquisitioning. My kids are so looking forward to have their own computers... ;-)

But, what we really conclude, is that Matt needs to meet Charlie Stross for a quiet beer or three.

On a different note, there are rumours from the Hadron Collider Physics conference in Kyoto that Bs -> μ+ + μ- decay has been observed at the LHC, albeit at low significance (claimed 3.5 σ - looks more like 2.2 σ to the jaundiced eye, but that is just me being cynical).
However, the inferred rate is not consistent with supersymmetry.
Presumably N=1 low energy SUSY.

Beeb new story (cribbed from Astronomer fb group).

See also Quantum Diaries blog with ugly graphs.

Official word at LHC
Paper and Talk here

On a different note: Chad at Uncertain Principles is on fire with Financiers Still Aren't Rocket Scientists (well, some of them...) and Twilight of the Elites and the Rise of the Culture

Final reminder: applications to the Aspen Winter Conferences are due.

Biophysics and Condensed Matter deadlines are already past,
Pulsars and Dark Matter applications are due by thursday!


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