Another Solstice Bonus

i-89f3f2b0da1d23508c938b637f9a84c2-earth.jpgBehold! The Earth, as viewed from the sun. You can also view the Earth from the moon, a satellite, or above any point by entering coordinates for latitude and longitude. You can even look at the moon from the sun. (By John Walker of Fourmilab Switzerland.)


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Hey, I haven't commented on the Rochester Creek and Swell posts but, boy, are you making me lonely for the Western Slope and Utah desert.

I was missing so much by not knowing of your blog before the move to Sb. Your connection with nature, artifacts of past civilizations, and your appreciation for people who came before us is so full of beauty and inspiration. Your son is a very lucky little man to grow up with such a role model who sees so much in her world - and your husband's choice of career is equally one of service to your fellow man. Hoping to meet you on a future trip.

Don't feel too bad; I miss the Swell already, too. We passed so many campgrounds on our short trip, and had to just keep on driving.

As for the inspiration, I think kids naturally see the world with curiosity and awe. I was just one who refused to grow up.

Thanks for the kind words... I look forward to meeting you someday, as well. :)