i-b0c54806063d1948685bc5c6d1c52997-repost.jpgI promised poetry, and here it is. I've written many poems about chaos, but this one is probably my favorite. It fits about any definition of chaos you can use and explains "battle or ride the waves" far better than I ever could while spewing philosophy. Poetry is just cool like that. The title, "Reminder", is suggestive of a note tacked under a refrigerator magnet. It's part fridge note, part old movie scene, where one character is hysterical ("OMG! Whatever are we going to do!?!") and another slaps them in the face. ("Thanks, I needed that.") Here is that reminder, that slap, that we all need at times:


Slamming into me
The world in my senses
Some expected
Others not.

Frustration... Chaos.
Ride the waves
Ride the waves.

i-d0dbfb22e13db037c7f24f7c84f785b3-prismview.jpgNot that it is easy
Always seeing life
What might be.

Ignorance is bliss
Or so they say
And I might agree
I feel it... knowledge
Is pain.

But this does not mean
That I want battle
Or... to give up
Cringe... breathe

Life is just Chaos.
Ride the waves
Ride the waves.

KLF (3/10/05)

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