Superpositioned Crows: Fractal LXXX

After blogging about my experiences earlier this week, I had crows on the brain. So, as I went drifting through fractal sets, trying to come up with something for this week’s Friday Fractal (now a Saturday Set), I kept running across crow-like shapes. One in particular stuck out, perhaps because I found it while adjusting the parameters of a set labeled "flight". It seemed like a crow caught in a superposition of states... one of Schroedinger’s crows, perhaps. Is it a perched crow, glaring down at its foe? Or is it a crow in flight, wings beating furiously against the wind? Before you decide, this fractal crow exists in both states. (Since they turned on the LHC this week, this seemed rather fitting, as well.)

So, here you have it... a superpositioned murder of crows:


(Click the image for a wide-screen version, suitable for background images.)

Fractal made by the author using Chaos Pro.

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