APS convention in Chicago

As I write this, Greta and I are on the plane to Chicago, to attend this year's Association for Psychological Science convention. We'll be participating in a symposium on Sunday, talking about Cognitive Daily and ResearchBlogging.org, but until then, we'll be attending other sessions and reporting intermittently here on CogDaily. We won't be "liveblogging" every session we attend, just giving a few thoughts and impressions of what we see and hear in Chicago.

If you're attending the convention, maybe we'll see you there. If not, you'll get some sense of what it's like by checking out CogDaily periodically through the weekend.

Update: Here's a quick guide to our posts on the conference:

What Chutes and Ladders has to do with learning Math
Can we learn from errors? What if we're running a nuclear power plant?

The persistence of racism even among the well-intentioned
Doing algebra -- it's the little things that count


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You do realize, of course, that the quackfest known as AutismOne is also going on in Chicago right now. ;-)

Hey, y'all! Great convention, I am here, too, presenting a poster (today!) on a mindfulness (meditation)-based intervention in a wellness program on a college campus. Will look forward to your Sunday presentation!

Delany Dean, PhD


Well, maybe some of the attendees will head over to our conference and learn about some real science ;)


Looking forward to seeing you at our talk. It looks like your poster session is in about 30 minutes. Maybe I'll pop by.