Are you homosexual?

I'm having a dispute with a reader in an online forum. Let's settle it here with a quick, private poll:

Trust me, this is related to psychology.

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ok you'd better follow this up with an explanation.

you can find all the stats you need on the topic at: here

I chose "other". I classify myself as "pansexual". My personal interpretation of that means that I am attracted to an individual regardless of gender or gender identity. For information sake- I'm 37, and identify as and was born female.

By WritinginCt (not verified) on 10 Feb 2009 #permalink

I answered "other" because I am asexual. I am romantically attracted to both men and women, but I am sexually attracted to neither.

By LadyPoetess (not verified) on 10 Feb 2009 #permalink

This survey is self selecting.

Non heterosexual people are more sensative about orientation issues and are more likely to answer a poll like this. You need to due blind testing.

Btw I vote a non hetero option.

The survey is also self-selecting for those that like one of these flavors of labels.
My personal favorite labels are "queermosexual" "ambisextrous" or just "nonheteronormative"

I'm guessing Dave said something like, "well, most of my readers..." to actually provide evidence of something, and then another commenter who didn't like that outcome replied, "well, most of your readers are gay".

ahh, the enlightenment of anonymous discourse. (link definitely pg13+)

This poll is completely biased...

(1) The "bisexual" option is ridiculous. It completely negates and defeats the "mostly" options.

(2) The "other" option is...? Huh? Other?? What else is there, "bestiality only"...?

(3) Your sampling is EXTREMELY limited -- limited only to your blog readers.

(4) It's not stated that it's anonymous anywhere which COMPLETELY biases it AGAINST anyone NOT wanting to publicly admit that they are GAY.

And most importantly of all...

(5) The TITLE of the poll matters.

You used a derogatory term in the title of the poll. Come on... At least TRY to hide your bias....

"HOMOSEXUAL"....? Who uses that term?


There's one category missing, the people everyone ignores and doesn't want to think about. Who are they? Asexuals. People uninterested in sex. They're around, but nobody (but me?) seems the least bit curious about them.


The whole point is for the sample to be my blog readers. We're comparing the results of last week's survey with this poll, to see if the phrasing of the post title makes a difference.

"Homosexual" is a derogatory term? Where did you hear that? If you look up "homosexual" and "gay" on you'll see that "gay" can have negative connotations and "homosexual" does not.

I'll respond to your other objections on the other post.

The TITLE of the poll matters. You used a derogatory term in the title of the poll. Come on... At least TRY to hide your bias.... "HOMOSEXUAL"....? Who uses that term? Pleeezzzz.

You're joking, right? If that's the case, then calling people "heterosexual" would also be considered derogatory. I had no idea general prefixes of Greek origin were considered offensive.

I'm guessing that this is a poll to identify the proportion of people who fly off the handle at the mere suggestion of trying to measure anything to do with sexuality, or to assess the proportion of people who pepper their replies with LOTS OF WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS. I mean, come on ... PUH-LEEEAZE!!??

Anyway, I hope no-one is going to LABEL me as sarcastic on the basis of this response. There's no way that my preferred style of humour could be CATEGORIZED like this. I prefer to think of myself as pan-humourous.

The categories offered are all false choices based upon the false assumption that people are defined by what they feel like doing with their body parts. It's the Kinsey myth. I'm a guy. End of story. Anything else is just identity politics and junk science.

So someone who's 70% straight isn't bisexual then? I never knew that before....