Developmental Psychology blogs?

A reader asks:

I've been reading Cog Daily for about 4 months now and have always found that I am particularly fascinated with entries dealing with developmental psychology, such as the latest one regarding the logarithmic-like representation of numbers in young children. I was curious as to whether you knew of any [credible] blogs or highly active websites that are dedicated to the field of Dev Psych (don't worry, I will still read Cog Daily!). I'm currently finishing up my BA in Psychology at UC Santa Barbara and plan to go the route of developmental clinical psychology, come grad-school. I figure since it interests me as much as it does, it'd be good idea to get a leg up by spending my online time a bit more productively!

There are a few blogs in our blogroll which intermittently cover development, most notably Developing Intelligence, but I haven't yet found a regularly-updated blog that focuses primarily on developmental psychology. Plus my internet connection is quite sporadic this morning, so I can't even do much searching to help out. Can any readers offer their own recommendations?

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Developing Intelligence is definitely a very good blog (and so too is Cognitive Daily :-) when it comes to developmental psychology. My own blog, The Mouse trap ,, although not exclusively focussed on developmental psychology, has quite a few focussed articles on development, learning, intelligence etc and one can access the development articles using the labels provided in the sidebar. I do hope the readers of cogdaily do find it useful.

My blog, Momma Data, covers child and parenting-related research in the news - a lot of it taken from peer-reviewed journals. My doctorate is in social psychology but my master's is developmental psych and having 3 kids, I really wanted to cover the gamut of child research - from pediatrics, education, to psychology. Good luck to you! Love Cognitive Daily!