Seven Years Of Blogging

Remember blogging? It was really big back in 2005. My wife and her journalist friends all took it up. And eventually I did too -- a bit more than a week before Christmas that year. A year later I got onto Scienceblogs. And look at me now, seven years down the blogging line. Still enjoying myself! Traffic has been down since we upgraded to Wordpress back in spring, but it's slowly recovering.

Are you still doing things you started in 2005, Dear Reader? What things?


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It's been eight years for me. Though I've had a few lapses, I always resume when something interests me. It takes a certain amount of ego to consistently think other people might be interested too!

By Larry Ayers (not verified) on 16 Dec 2012 #permalink

Still blogging. Though I've moved short posts and blurbs to Google+ and reserve the blog space for longer, though less frequent, posts. That seems to be a good division of content.

Also, in 2005 I had been in japan for two years, and started to suspect I'd stay around for a while, so I applied for a new 3-year visa. I'm still in Japan, and I'm waiting for the decision on my permanent residency. The "for a while" looks like it could be another couple of decades at least :)

Happy Anniversary.
How on Earth do you combine family, work and blogging (plus the occasional game playing session)?

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 17 Dec 2012 #permalink

Thanks Birger! My secret is that I never watch TV, I have no newspaper subscription, and I spend very little time commuting to work.

I still blog too, started in 2005! I'm on my fourth blog though, but I still enjoy it and I love finding new fun blogs to read. I do believe that your friend Paddy K was one of the first blogs I followed regularly :)

Slightly worried now - I'm trying to think of something I used to do in 2005 that I still do (apart from obvious basic physical functions and daily routine stuff), and I can't think of anything.

By John Massey (not verified) on 19 Dec 2012 #permalink

(Off-topic) 'Noble' Swede: Hobbit dwarf stole my name ...a problem, because of the overwhelming risk someone will confuse a male fictional dwarf from Eriador with a woman from Sweden. Jeeez!

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 19 Dec 2012 #permalink

Yeah - I could make a cruel joke and say that when you are demented like me, you meet new friends every day, and can even hide your own Easter Eggs. But I had a friend, a very nice older Jewish lady, who seriously was like that, and when it was that real, it wasn't funny.

But yes - how curious to be a person of mature years, and to find myself happily cresting new waves and eagerly seeking ever more. I am told that a man of my years should be settled, comfortably, fading gently into the twilight of my life. Well, bugger that.

I have a Norwegian friend older than me who has recently completed a PhD - I don't really hold with geriatrics clogging up the university places just for recreational purposes when they should be given to younger students who have a full working life ahead of them, but in his case that is not true, he is still very actively working, and from the shape he is in, i could see him going on another 15 years easily, if not longer.

But for blogging, I think continuity is important for the readership and is a good thing, and congratulations for keeping at it for 7 years. And here is to the next 7, Martin.

By John Massey (not verified) on 20 Dec 2012 #permalink