Friday Fun: If the Manhattan Project worked like college group projects

This one is pretty funny, from McSweeny's:


HANS BETHE, EDWARD TELLER, and ROBERT SERBER sit at a table. There are notebooks, laptops, and expensive coffees arranged on the table. All three wear hoodies, basketball shorts, and flip flops. Serber is texting on his Blackberry Storm. Teller checks his own cell phone for the time.

EDWARD TELLER: Where's Oppenheimer?

HANS BETHE: I've got Chapter at six.

TELLER: Serber.

ROBERT SERBER: (keeps texting) Yo?

TELLER: Did you hear anything from Oppenheimer?

SERBER: (keeps texting) Nah.

BETHE: He said five o'clock on Sunday. I can't believe he's not here.

That pretty well sums up the state of my library's group study rooms as well...

Also, Feynman would have been a natural for a scene like this...bongo drums and all.


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Excellent - thanks! I also clicked on teh Shakespeare Police Reports for extra credit - is it gonna be on the test?