Canadian Engineering Education Association Conference, June 7-9, 2010.

The inaugural Canadian Engineering Education Association Conference will be held this year from June 7-9 at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

The Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA) is a new organization whose mission is to "enhance the competence and relevance of graduates from Canadian Engineering schools through continuous improvement in engineering education and design education." This first annual CEEA conference will integrate and grow on the previous efforts of the Canadian Design Engineering Network (CDEN) and the Canadian Congress on Engineering Education (C2E2).

We encourage the broad community of engineering educators to join us - from Faculties of Engineering and Applied Science, Arts & Science, Education, Libraries, Teaching and Learning Centres, and Industry. Relevant student papers are also welcomed.

The call for papers is here.

Some information on the Canadian Engineering Education Association:

The membership driven organization will "enhance the competence and relevance of graduates from Canadian Engineering schools through continuous improvement in engineering education.

Our Goals:

  • Encourage and support the development and sharing of best practices between Canadian engineering educators.
  • Interact with the Canadian Deans of Engineering and the CEAB to facilitate alignment of objectives and mutual support.
  • Support all areas of engineering education including design, problem solving, leadership, communications, teamwork and global citizenship.
  • Engage students and student groups broadly for input and feedback.
  • Develop a sustainable organizational structure and operations

It looks to be a great conference and is definitely on my agenda for this coming June.


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