Friday Fun: 5 Terms Social Media Douchebags Need To Stop Using

Yeah, last Friday I threatened a sequel and here it is.

Too much fun. And once again, looking in the mirror is a bit tough on this one. I did do a quick search on my blog posts and none of the offending phrases shows up per se. But, some seem a little too familiar.

I'm not done with the douchebags.

After I wrote the 5 Signs You're Talking To A Social Media Douchebag, I was met with heavy feedback.

Social media douchebags used social media to attack me.

Damn it.

Should've seen that one coming.

Here goes. Read 'em and weep for the future of humanity. The elaborations on the original post are well worth checking out.

  • "Participate In The Conversation"
  • "Monetize Your Social Media Presence"
  • "Social Media Rockstar"
  • "You're Doing It Wrong."
  • "Social Media Is All About ..."

(Once again, it's all Walt Crawford's fault. Blame him if this cuts a little too close to home. I know I do.)

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