Friday Fun: 5 Things Serious Tech People Need To Stop Tweeting

Today's Friday Fun continues the curious informal summer series of light-hearted takes on social media/network etiquette, begun two weeks ago with 5 signs you're talking with a social media douchebag and last week with 5 terms social media douchebags need to stop using.

This time around it's 5 Things Serious Tech People Need To Stop Tweeting.

Look technology friends, Twitter is a lovely thing, but when we tweet certain things we make our followers cringe and twitch towards the unfollow button. Do whatever you will, but after reading literally millions of tweets I think that if we cut out the following Tweets we would all be better off.

And of course, I am just as guilty as you are.

And the five things, with complete (and humourous) text at the original link:

  • Tweeting Every Damn Place You Go
  • Vague Victory Tweets
  • Whiny Lame Complaints
  • The New Apple Product You Just Purchased
  • Retweeting People We All Follow

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