An update on reading and reviewing

I've been mostly on vacation for the last little while so I've fallen a bit behind on writing the book reviews I feature here on the blog fairly regularly. In fact, there might even be a few books that, ahem, have been sitting around read and unreviewed for perhaps even longer than the last month or so.

I thought I'd use this post as a bit of internal incentive to actually get the damn things written.

I'll take a crack at listing some books here. I'll go with those that are read but unreviewed, in process of being read (or that I intend to start very soon).

I'm also listing those that are on the to-be-read pile that I'm looking forward to getting to in the hopefully not too distant future. I'm also considering this part of the list a bit of an "over the transom" list of review copies I've received recentish. Some of these I won't get to reading/reviewing but at least by listing them here I'm providing the publisher at least some publicity. At end I'll mention a few that haven't been released yet but that I am anxiously awaiting.


Books I've Finished Reading but Haven't Written the Review Yet (Probably in order I'm going to write reviews)


In Progress or Imminent


To Be Read / Over the Transom


Forthcoming Publications


Some of the in progress or to be read books I may never get around to reviewing or even finishing reading. Some I might end up combining into group reviews. And I do occasionally get review copies of books from publishers, maybe 10-12 per year. I don't read all the ones I receive -- or finish all the ones I start -- but I do usually review the ones I end up reading. The to be read list includes some of the publisher-supplied books.

Finally, if you want a little bit of a closer (and wider!) look at my day-to-day reading habits, you can follow me on Goodreads.

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