Around the Apocalyptic Web: Capitalism has failed the world!

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Another example of how "science bloggers" have not the remotest trace of respect for the principles of science or indeed any sort of honesty.

It is impossible for anybody honest (in even ordinary terms let alone scientific ones) to claim capitalism has failed unless they can prove it factually.

What is your proof that capitalist South Korea is richer than anti-capitalist NK? Your proof that the USSR is currently richer and more successful than the USA? Your proof that China did better under Mao than currently?

If you had any scientific principles whatsoever you would have to be able to prove those claims.

And if there were any fellow "science bloggers" here with any trace of personal integrity or anything but a total Luddite, Fascist contempt for scientific principles they would have had to demand either you or they quit the site.

Of course there isn't. But then you knew that.

By Neil Craig (not verified) on 24 May 2014 #permalink