Around the Web: MOOCs: Expectations and Reality and other recent reports

I'm always interested in the present and future of libraries. There's a steady stream of reports from various organizations that are broadly relevant to the (mostly academic) library biz but they can be tough to keep track of. I thought I'd aggregate some of those here. Of course I've very likely missed a few, so suggestions are welcome in the comments.

I've done similar compilations recently here and here.

  1. MOOCs: Expectations and Reality: Full Report
  2. Trends in Digital Scholarship Centers
  3. Sustaining the Digital Humanities
  4. Supporting the Changing Research Practices of Art Historians
  5. A Guide to the Best Revenue Models and Funding Sources for your Digital Resources
  6. Sustainability Implementation Toolkit
  7. A Scalable and Sustainable Approach to Open Access Publishing and Archiving for Humanities and Social Sciences
  8. White Paper: Reimagining the Georgia Tech Library: Defining the Technological Research Library for the 21st Century
  9. The Internet of Things Will Thrive by 2025
  10. AAU/ARL Prospectus for an Institutionally Funded First-book Subvention
  11. A Rational System for Funding Scholarly Monographs: A white paper prepared for the AAU-ARL Task Force on Scholarly Communications
  12. Students' experiences and expectations of the digital environment
  13. New York Times Innovation Report 2014
  14. Driving with data: A roadmap for evidence-based decision making in academic libraries
  15. Report of the Task Force on Doctoral Study in Modern Language and Literature (2014)
  16. Learned Society attitudes towards Open Access: Report on survey results
  17. The Survey of Library & Museum Digitization Projects, 2014 Edition (Not a free report)

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