My new job: Owner and publisher of the International Journal of Usability, Systems and Technology

I really appreciate how all my Internet friends have followed me from major career announcement to major career announcement over the last few years. From my job at Elsevier all the way to last year's temporary detour as Chief Advisor on Science Libraries for the Government of Canada! The last few years sure have been exciting but it's time for a new challenge.

And yes, I'm taking a leap back into the scholarly publishing world. This time I'm starting up my own open access scholarly publishing company to publish in all the STEMM fields with a special focus on computer science, which is, of course, my own original scholarly field.

I would like to announce the launch of a brand new open access scholarly publishing company: Dupuis Science & Computing and Medicine!.

It's been a long and strange journey to this point, but I think it's the right time. The production of scholarship is exploding, with more and more articles published every year in an ever increasing number of scholarly journals. But so much of what is being published is locked behind the rapacious paywalls of predatory commercial and society publishers. Time to liberate the articles!

The growth of new business models has allowed pretty well anyone with an entrepreneurial bent to enter the market and advance the cause of science and scholarship. So, I thought, time to stop being a librarian, sitting around thinking deep thoughts about how the scholarly communications ecosystem should work and take the plunge! Time to become a Man of Action! Time to make some money!

The name of my new journal is representative of where scholarship in computer science is headed -- open access, international in scope and focused on how real people interact with systems and technology.

Which is why my extensive focus groups have decided on calling the name International Journal of Usability Systems & Technology as the umbrella journal title. As the DSCaM publishing empire grows, we'll be adding new sections as new opportunities arise to move into new fields. The inaugural title will be on Concurrent Algorithms and Network Topology.

But enough of all the words. Time for deeds. Here are the specs for the new publisher, starting with the first journal to be launched and them with a brief word on plans for the future.

Consider this announcement a Call For Papers for IJUST-CANT.







OPEN ACCESS AUTHOR PROCESSING CHARGE: US$500 per article, with bulk discounts available. Payment is by cash, credit cards, Amazon gift cards and Canadian Tire money.

INITIAL ROUND OF FUNDING: We are planning a GoFundMe campaign.

SPAM EMAIL POLICY: Please leave your email in the comments to subscribe to our hourly update email.

PEER REVIEW: We promise sound, complete and authoritative peer review. Authors are free to nominate their own colleagues or family members to serve as reviewers for their submissions. A valid gmail account is all that is needed.

TIME TO PUBLICATION: We promise publication immediately upon acceptance of payment.

FORMATTING: Please use the following stylesheet.




FOUNDING JOURNAL SCOPE: Concurrent Algorithms and Network Topology (IJUST-CANT)

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Pending. Are you interested? Apply in the comments!

SAMPLE ARTICLES: I have specifically recruited top researchers to launch the journal with two articles. These amazing first articles are definitively Nobel-worthy.


Vannevar Brush
Charles Cabbage
Rachelle Carson
Walt Crawford
Marie Curry
Edgar Dijkstra
Albert Eisenstein
Rosamund Franklin
Curt Gödel
Jane Goodell
Grace M. Hooper
Steve Jobes
Aida Lovelace
Claude Shanahan
Allen Turning
Niklaus Worth



Over the next 12 months or so, we will be launching a stable of over 1000 journals across all of the areas of computing and information technology. All will be IJUST titles. Each will need an editor-chief and editorial board. Please apply in the comments. Please nominate your friends, colleagues, relatives and pets for these roles. Each nomination should be accompanied by US$100 deposited in my BitCoin account.

Some forthcoming examples of journals include:

IJUST-WONT: Website Ontology Network Technology
IJUST-PAY: Packet Algorithm Y2K
IJUST-SCAM: Security Certificate Algorithm Maintenance
IJUST-BULL: Best Usability Liability Liaison
IJUST-CRAP: Canadian Re-usability Accessibility Planning

Since we need so many more journals over the next year or so, anyone who wishes to start a journal under the conditions explained above, please apply in the comments. By applying and subsequently submitting the New Journal fee of US$5000, you will be automatically named as editor-in-chief of your new journal and will be able to appoint it's Editorial Board. I will automatically be a member of that board with an honorarium of US$1000 per year, payable immediately upon acceptance.

We are very open-minded and are willing to consider publishing your conference

Final note: As noted from above, I'm looking for a candidate for Editor-in-Chief. I'm hoping the new editor will pay me in the range of US$10,000 per year for this incredible honour. Please feel free to submit your application by way of a comment on this post.

I'm looking forward to our first editorial board meeting this coming May in Paris!


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